Thursday, 12 February 2009

La nina

(That's short for 'the nina'...)

I've kept in touch with Gifty's family in Minnesota, and just wanted to let you all know she's doing really well, getting downright chubby and apparently giggling non-stop -- something she only just figured out how to do in the last week she was here!

Her doctors say she's ready for her new liver now, and they'd like to use a small portion from a live donor. I don't know how it all works exactly, but apparently a liver can regenerate. SO, if you're type O and want more information, I'm sure the family would love to hear from you. If I knew my blood type and could afford the plane ticket, I'd give a whole kidney to see her again...

Why is this an interesting photo?

This was taken by my friend Christy between anxiety attacks. I'm driving the blue pickup you see, and I'm towing my friend John's 4Runner. Since we were towing it for, oh, about three and a half hours, I had some time to do a little math.
40 mph = ~65km/h
x 1000 = 65000m/h
/ 3600 = ~18 m/s
Wow, seriously? I guess that's about right. But then our tow rope (after a hasty start and its subsequent SNAP) was only 6 feet. That's, what, 2 metres? Hmph. 18 m/s with a 2 m rope....

I guess I can't blame Christy for switching to the back seat after all...