Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Ok, enough...

One thing I've learned about Liberia that you won't find in any book or atlas: everything happens on the 15th of the month. Ask a group of folks when rainy season begins, for instance, and they'll have a heated argument about whether it's May 15th or June 15th. It might even come to blows--watch out.
Well today I was told that no, it's not September 15th but October 15th that rainy season ends. I thought it was safe to come back. I was wrong, apparently: this morning the rain started at 7 and by 9 there was over two inches flooding the entire yard... Doesn't help the motivational level, let me tell you...

Saturday, 27 September 2008


This is Gifty, my little prize fighter, with Piko as we transfered her from one hospital to another (also run by the excellent staff of MSF) closer to us. Since beginning treatment, her eyes have whitened considerably and her abdomen has shrunk, but she's still just over 11 lbs. at 14 months. The diagnosis is that her liver isn't working, a condition from birth that, at this point, would require a transplant to fix.
I've been spending a lot of time with Gifty this week, arranging caretakers, talking to MDs and PAs, and best of all just pacing the halls with her in my arms. I've never known a baby with such spirit before, which makes her prognosis all the harder to take. It's been a real joy to intercede for her and advocate for her, as the closest thing she has to a parent.
Please be praying with me for Gifty: for continued improvement of her immediate condition; for relocation upon discharge to a better home; and for wisdom in seeking a long-term answer for her condition.

From old to new

So it's time for a change, I reckon. The old blog has served me well but, as I'm more and more involved in the craziness of keeping up with all of you, a Blogger blog seems just so much easier. Plus, it allows me to get a little more creative.

I've tried importing the entries from my other, but it doesn't seem to be working too well, so for now at least, you can visit the old site if for some reason you want to stalk me into the past.