Wednesday, 29 July 2009

On the road again

Eleven months is a strange stretch of time: long enough, apparently, that time no longer flies or drags, just is. Maybe that's a sign I'm feeling at home--when I stop thinking of seasons in Liberia as trips, but vice versa. It seems more like I'm leaving home to go on an extended trip.

I was chatting last night with another guy leaving today (he for good), and we found we've experienced the same progression: a month ago, we were both dying to go -- great food, summer weather (less rain, that is), and of course family and friends. But as the time has wound down, I've been given little treats of home so I'm less eager to leave. It's a conspiracy. To start, it's been the sunniest rainy season on record. The other day I had a real bona fide backyard BBQ. I even got to go hiking.

Well, I won't be dissuaded. Time for a break, and time for refilling my tank among loved ones. Maybe three months is a little longer than I'd like, but most importantly of all, I just want to be where I'm needed most. If that means bouncing around the US for an extra, sign me up.

Thank you and apologies to those of you waiting on me to announce when I'll be where; I'm sorry that my schedule is still so up in the air. Once I get back to Texas, the state of my car (and its response to repair and prayer) will be the first domino. After that, I'll let you know--but for now:

August: Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin. September: Canadia. October: All. Over. :)