Thursday, 31 March 2011

Four amazing years

Four years ago today, I got on a plane bound for Liberia. I'd signed up with a group of people I barely knew to attempt the impossible.

We had raised a whopping $3500, and with it we hoped to make a huge difference in the war-torn nation of Liberia.

We had no idea. But we saw that seed money multiplied like fish and bread all around us and, in time, we began to notice orphans looking healthier, acting like kids again. Buildings sprang up and became loving homes. Swamps were deserted in favor of shiny new wells with sweet water.

I had the idea that I would teach, serve, and inspire. Turns out that the other side of the world is upside down, and I returned a changed man: healed, devoted to God, married.

Today is my last day full-time with Orphan Relief and Rescue, though I'll continue to work part-time for a few months more. It's hard to put words or even a finger on how to feel about it. My heart is full and grateful. I'm eager and excited to see what's next. Though I don't know, I'm not afraid of the future anymore. I'm interested and experienced in so many things; it's such a big world; there is so much to do.

We'll see!

Soli deo gloria

Catching up: 8 months in photos

Brenda meets her new parents over poutine. At the zoo.

Spenser J. Tyler

Our gorgeous 2nd wedding cake @ family reunion/reception

Our noble steed for The Great Western Roadtrip
New home in Seattle

Un-wallpapering and painting our new apartment

World's deadliest croquet players

Rainier -- which I hope to someday summit

Stunning summer sunsets from our new living room

It's been the Year of Pies. Those newlywed pounds never tasted so good!

Trying to get our new puppy to pose for a respectable Christmas card

Libby on Christmas morning, sporting her new adventure pack. (I think that means she likes it!)

New Year's Day atop Mt. Erie, overlooking Puget Sound and the Cascades

My ladies

Snowshoeing with new friends (and Libby's beau, Townsend)

Libby was all spirit for the Superbowl