Sunday, 4 July 2010

You call that a plan??

Most of you know, some of you don't: Brenda and I are moving to the Seattle area later this summer, as I'm continuing to work with ORR there. As such, I have to immigrate to the U.S. -- quite a process, but I'm thankful to say it's been much smoother so far than I'd feared. Until now.

Photo: The Free MarketeersThere's one last document I need before I can leave: my police clearance from Canada. To process a clearance from overseas (ink prints), the website says it takes four months. I'd hoped, initially, that meant up to four months. Turns out, it means at least four months. Which would mean I'm stuck in Liberia until early October, or two and a half months beyond when I'm supposed to start work in Seattle.

The alternative: electronic fingerprints taken in-person, in Canada: three business days.

Am I really considering flying for 60 hours to be on the ground in Toronto for just a week? Yes. Am I made of money? No. (If you're reading this and you are, please get in touch. :)

Nothing's for sure yet, so please hope and pray with us that some simpler, cheaper way presents itself. I'm going to price out a ticket this week, but I'm expecting $1600-2000. How much is it worth to me to get on with the next chapter and not be separated from my wife for two months? At least that...

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